How to use Lorimor.Org


  • Create your account. While you can view lots of content on the site, you can post your own content after you register.
  • Join or create a group.  Everything in is really organized around Groups.
  • Create content.  Content is created from within a Group; you'll see a link to create content once you've joined a group.
  • Use your Dashboard page to keep track of what's happening in your Groups, or with your Friends.
  • Update your profile. This is a community site, after all; so share a little about yourself.
  • Make Friends. Look at the listing of other users on the site, and click a user's profile to learn more about them, and find the link to make them your friend.

And, play around!  You'll find more as you just click around the site.


Video & Image Galleries in groups

I tried using the image gallery and video tabs in the groups and was denied access. Are those areas set up to use yet?