Economic Development

A place for development groups to put their information that will effect this area in a positive manner.

Development should be to the top priority of any community or area. Our mission is to create the best business climate we can create. Businesses hire people and shouldn't be used as the sole source of income for a community or area. Since businesses hire people and people and businesses buy property and support the community, it us our belief that both can exist in harmony. It is our job to make sure that this happens.

Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs

Check out this link if you need help. They have some good programs and are worth checking out!

Veterans Affairs

A place where veterans can go to post information that will other veterans.

This group was set up to help military personel and their families find information that will help them now and in the future. Military personel and their families are a very important members of any communty and should be represented by those communities they live in.

Wayne J. Pantini, Executive Director, UCDA

Dave Mclaren, Director, SBDC

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