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Lorimor Community Development Corporation being disbanded!

Date:  October 21, 2017

To the community of Lorimor.

As of last week the Revolving Loan Fund, Program, loan informatio (records), and present loans have been transferred to Southern Iowa Resource Conservation and Development Area in Creston. Anyone needing funds to establish a small business will be able to file an application with this entity. The address is listed below.

Telephone Number:  641-782-4033


P.O. Box 343

The impotance of Zoning in the City of Lorimor!

I think it is a shame in a city that has already had Comprehensive Plan done can't find enough people to fill the Zoning Board  (5 board members) and Board of Adustments  (5 members). A lot of the problems we have in this community  could be solved easily if those boards were filled and operating. The Zoning Plan is the most important thing a City can put in place. In some instances these boards have more authority than the City Council or Mayor.

Lorimor Food Pantry

At the Lorimor United Methodist Church!

Contact Information

Sheila at 641-763-2990


Interest in the Lorimor Website increasing.

As of 6:00 am this morning (2/20/2016) there are 23 people on the Lorimor Website looking at the different sections. Wow!!!! That is really good for the site!

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