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City Budget Completed

The city budget has finally been completed and will be submitted to the State. It looks like we have some money to do some improvments!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why did I run for the City Council?????????

I had to ask myself why am I running for City Council? I have only gone to four Council Meetings. I didn't like the way the current council acted when someone had the floor. The council members ignored a lot of what was said by the person speaking. I thought texting to other council members showed how interested some of the council members were in what was being said.

How to handle the Seperation of Duties from the remedies offered in the 2014 State Audit & the 2016 State Audit.

How is the next City Council & Mayor going to handle and create a policy for the Seperation of Duties remedy stated in the 2014 State Audit that the current Council & Mayor agreed to and was accepted by the State?

This is a big question for the next Council & Mayor! This type of oversight issues determines the credibility of the City as a whole!!!!!

Seperation of Duties, INTERNAL CONTROL DEFICIENCIES: Section A out of the Lorimor Audit for 2014

Findings Related to the Financial Statements:


(A) Segregation of Duties – One important aspect of internal control is the segregation of duties among employees to prevent an individual employee from handling duties which are incompatible. Generally, one individual has control over each of the following areas for the City:

(1) Cash – handling, reconciling and recording.

(2) Investing – recordkeeping, investing, custody of investments and reconciling earnings.

State of Iowa Code for Removing Public Officials

66.1A  REMOVAL BY COURT.          Any appointive or elective officer, except such as may be removed       only by impeachment, holding any public office in the state or in any       division or municipality thereof, may be removed from office by the       district court for any of the following reasons:          1.  For willful or habitual neglect or refusal to perform the       dut

380.7 City Clerk (State Code of Iowa)

380.7  CITY CLERK.
         The city clerk shall:
         1.  Promptly record each measure.
         2.  Record a statement with the measure, where applicable,
      indicating whether the mayor signed, vetoed, or took no action on the
      measure, and whether the measure was repassed after the mayor's veto.

The 2014 State Audit for the City of Lorimor

The link below is the 2014 State Audit for the City of Lorimor.

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