Reason to move to a small community within 50 miles of the Des Moines area.

There can be a lot said about living in a small  town within driving distance of larger communities such as Des Moines, Creston, Osceola, and Winterset. You are within fifty miles of an iternational airport with good rural roads to travel on. With interstate 35 to the east and interstate 80 to the north, there is easy access to the interstate highway system. I will list some of the reasons for living in the Lorimor area below. If you can think of any other reasons, let me know.

  1. A rural water system that is operated by Southern Iowa Rural Water System
  2. Reasonable Electrical Rates supplied by Alliant Energy
  3. City Owned Gas System (one of the cheapest rates in Iowa)
  4. City Operated Sewer System ( compare the rates you are paying now and look at the savings you will have.)
  5. A Phone Company (Grand River Mutual) that is way ahead of it's competiters ( Rural, Residential , and Commercial fiber optics access for telephone, internet, and tv veiwing with a minimun down load speed of 10 megs and no limit to the speed available)
  6. A good rural school system ( East Union School System)
  7. A 10 year tax abatement structure for residential property at 100% abatement for the first five years
  8. A 5 year tax abatement structure for industrial property at 100% abatement for the first year
  9. A revoving loan program set up by a revolving loan grant from the USDA for new or emerging small businesses ( Contact the Lorimor Community Development Corp. for more information.)
  10. Access to good high way frontage
  11. Small town living at its best
  12. Low Property Taxes
  13. Low Land Prices
  14. A Good Place To Raise a Family or Start a Business
  15. Local Farmers Markets in the surrounding areas
  16. Five small lakes and rural pounds for fishing, camping, and boating
  17. Hunting at its best.
  18. Four local golf cources in the surrounding towns


These are just a few of the reasons that I live in this area. I am sure there are more. The biggest thing to come to this area since rural water is the new rural, residential, and commercial fiber optics connections that are being put into place by Grand River Mutual Telephone Company. This is going to open up this whole area for internet businesses and companies that transfer a lot of information over the internet. They will be able to locate anywhere in this area, whether it is rural or in a community. People and companies are going to have the best of two worlds.