Monuments By Design

Monuments By Design

Who would ever thought a new business would start in Lorimor. Monuments By Design are one of three businesses that have located in Lorimor.

Company Description: 

  • In-house monument blasting and sales
  • Custom Lettering (Bricks, Rocks, Cemetary Stones, Bronze Placques, Restoration, Etc.)

Monuments By Design purchased the Lorimor Quality Monument  property and is currently in operation. The owners are Kevin Irving and Dan Owens.

Qualifications for Success:

  • 15 years combined experience
  • Experience in mass production of monuments
  • Using computerized system to reduce engraving time

With a lot of experience, comes quality work!

Support your local bussinesses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monument By Design Information

If you would like a monument that is done from start to finish, check out Monument By Design. You won't be dissapointed.

New Business in our community

This business is one of our new businesses. Check it out and see if they can help you! They are a good bunch of people and I think you will like them.