Lorimor Community Development Corporation being disbanded!

Date:  October 21, 2017

To the community of Lorimor.

As of last week the Revolving Loan Fund, Program, loan informatio (records), and present loans have been transferred to Southern Iowa Resource Conservation and Development Area in Creston. Anyone needing funds to establish a small business will be able to file an application with this entity. The address is listed below.

Telephone Number:  641-782-4033


P.O. Box 343

609 New York Avenue

Creston, Iowa 50801  

Executive Director:  David W. Beck


The Lorimor Community Development Corporation will no longer be in operation within the next month. All of the LCDC assets will be given to another entity in the area. you could say the lack of interest in the Lorimor Community doesn't seem to exist at this point. Giving up a chartered entity status is hard to do, but is necessary at this point. My feelings are clear. I don't beleave a non profit corporation has any business trying to develop an area. Their lack and access of funds restrict any decisions that need to be made in a short and critical amount of time. It has been a long ride, but is over now.


F. Dennis Orwan

President: Lorimor Community Develepment Corporation

[email protected]