Custom handmade knives with great steel or exquisite obsidian blades and special elk or deer antler handles

I take orders for custom handmade, fixed blade knives, primarily for hunting or collecting. I have made and sold hundreds of knives of all styles and sizes - from 12-inch long blade Bowie knives to little patch knives. I make two types of knives: steel blade or flint knapped obsidian blade knives. The steel blade knives feature blades made from 440c high carbon stainless steel with a mirror finish, or high quality 420c stainless with a regular finish. The blade is separated from the handle by a guard or bolster. I use both stainless steel and solid brass guards. Some bolsters have beautiful laser-etched designs. The flint knapped obsidian blades are knapped by lithic artists who are the finest in their craft. Their experience and skill results in fantastic edgework, unique designs and thorough uniformity. Both the steel blade and obsidian blade knives are permanently attached to elk or deer antler handles with industrial strength epoxy. The tangs of the steel blade are deeply inserted. Where the obsidian blade and handle are joined is wrapped with sinew for added strength and authenticity. The deer antler handles have been treated, sanded and polished. The end of the handle beyond the burr is uniquely crafted and must be seen to be appreciated. The elk antler handles have been specially treated, finely sanded, polished and fitted with fancy wooden end caps. I also use Water Buffalo horn, ivory Wart Hog tusk and coyote and deer jaw bones for handles. All my knives come with a seven-day money back guarantee. Of all the hundreds I have sold, however, never has one been returned. My eBay feedback as a seller is 100 percent. My knives have been featured, pictured and discussed on an Internet forum. They have received many compliments on Facebook. Buyers have sent me numerous thank you messages expressing their appreciation for what they consider a wonderful work of functional art. Use the link below to see a Facebook photo album of just some of the knives I've made:
Contact me at [email protected], or phone 402-443-4947 or 402-304-1422 if you are interested. Prices range from $35 to $100.




These knives are not for sale anymore!

I talked to Randy a couple of days ago. The knives in the document above are not availible. He has completed the order on them.

Randy is the only one that can delete this document and will have to delete it himself.

He did say that he has a new line of knives and is going to put them on.

If you have any questions on the knives he has made or the new line of knives he is making, you will need to contact him at the phone number below.


I do agree that the knives he makes are worth having. I would contact him at the number listed above.

What are you doing now?????

What are you doing now?

There are still a lot of people in this area that would like to know what you are doing?

Hope you will create some documents to help those people?

You are a good writer and should be read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Randy help us out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!