Businesses that have succeeded in the past and services that are still needed.

I was trying to think of some businesses that have succeeded and services that are still needed. I will list them  below.

  1. Laundry Mat ( This type of service bussiness has always succeeded in Lorimor and is really needed)
  2. Small Dry Goods Store ( With Sam's, Costco, and some of the area wholsale houses withing fifty miles, I don't understand why goods can't be brought into Lorimor and sold at lower prices than the local grocery stores in bigger containers than can be found in the grocery stores. As long as you don't carry very many products that have a short shelf life. People will buy where they get the best deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  3. Barber Shop ( There hasn't been a barber shop in Lorimor that has ever failed that I know of.)
  4. Hair Stylist ( If you are good with hair styles and have good comunication skills I don't know how you could fail at this business.)
  5. Good Restuarant (Good food sells anywhere and people will travel a long way to get served. All you need is a good cook and real service.)
  6. Small Engine Repair ( If you have stood in line and waited sometimes days to get your equipment worked on by a reliable service tech., you know what I am talking about. With the lakes we have in the area, golf courses, farm needs, and local gardeners, why would you ever be short of work?)
  7. Electronic Sales of any kind ( With fiber optics coming into Lorimor, every piece of electronic equipment will operate a lot better than anywhere else that does not have this type of communication connections.
  8. Software Development Business ( With a fiber optics connection, where could you find a better place to conduct a business?)

These are just a few examples of small business can and should be set up in small rural communities. The Lorimor Community Development Corporation has low interest loans for these type of businesses. The LCDC is loaning out money for new and emerging businesses at 3 % and a payment schedule can be worked out to meet the needs of the new small business owner. Start a small business in an area where your operating cost are low and a need is there. You can't fail in that type of situation.