Grand River Mutual

  Check out the different services your local telephone service provider has to offer by going to their website by clicking on there logo!! There are a lot of things happening in this area and they are all positive.




Fiber Optics Questions

With fiber optics lines going in to Lorimor to residential properties people have asked me a few questions. I thought I would pass them on.

  • The main question is: What is fiber optics going to do for me?
  • Is my bill going to go up after the instalation of the fiber optics lines?
  • Is the instalation going to interupt my service or cause problems with my current service?
  • Will my plan change and if so what will the changes be?
  • Will my property be torn up during the instalation and how long will everthing be out of service?
  • What new services will offered if any?
  • What will be the cost of the new service if offered?

These are just a few of the questions I have been asked. I hope someone will answer them soon!

Fiber Optics System for Lorimor and the Surrounding Area

Thanks to Grand River Mutual for a survice that will help this whole area grow! they are providing this area with fiber optics service that will provide jobs that are attracted by this type of service. Thanks again for the new services that GRM is providing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!