Entertainment Center For Sale

Used entertainment center fore sale. Had a 32" tv set in center without any problems. Rear cable access and VHS storage. Plenty of room for other components.


Contact Information:

  • Person:  F. Dennis Orwan
  • Address: 717 3rd Street, Lorimor, Iowa 50149
  • E-Mail Address:  [email protected]
  • Home Phone No.:  (641) 763-2334

Asking Price:  $50.00




Price Change

This is a really nice unit for a kids room. You can't get one as cheap as this unit is advertized for.

Still for sale!

Reduced Price:


I you sure you don't need this Item!

Tell me where you can find an entertainment center like this one for just $50.00!

I will bet no one caught the change in price.

It looks like no one saw that I lowered my price on this one or I might have sold it to cheap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!