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It is kind of nice to see the City running like a city should run. I haven't heard any rumor mongering in the past few months. It is also nice to see the City dump truck working again. The City is finally getting an accurate set of minutes for a change. The City workers seem happy and it is pleasent to be in the City office again.   As far as the City Council, City Attorney, Mayor, Office staff, and City Workers, Keep up the good work and have a happy new year.

Thanks to Karen & Kent Forbes for staying on the City Council and making it work!

I would like to give Karen and Kent Forbes credit for staying on the City Council during some very trying times. Karen was the only City Council person in the last election to accept the responsibility to train the new office personel and learn the software for doing the City business. She was under attack from day one. One of the new Council Members and the previous Mayor did everything they could to get Karen out of office. She stood her ground under a lot of pressure from her apponets in the last election.

Do you think that zoning is the way are city should go?

If you are in favor
100% (3 votes)
If you think we should do away with zoning entirely
0% (0 votes)
If you think the City should spend time in other areas rather than zoning
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 3

The impotance of Zoning in the City of Lorimor!

I think it is a shame in a city that has already had Comprehensive Plan done can't find enough people to fill the Zoning Board  (5 board members) and Board of Adustments  (5 members). A lot of the problems we have in this community  could be solved easily if those boards were filled and operating. The Zoning Plan is the most important thing a City can put in place. In some instances these boards have more authority than the City Council or Mayor.

Legal Fees and legal representation for the City

I hear the Cities legal expsenses are to high  and we should quit using our City Attourney as much as we do. I am going to give my opinion on this subject. This is my opinion and know one elses. It will be the way I vote on this type of issue.

Lorimor Food Pantry

At the Lorimor United Methodist Church!

Contact Information

Sheila at 641-763-2990


Interest in the Lorimor Website increasing.

As of 6:00 am this morning (2/20/2016) there are 23 people on the Lorimor Website looking at the different sections. Wow!!!! That is really good for the site!

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