City Informarion

How to handle the Seperation of Duties from the remedies offered in the 2014 State Audit & the 2016 State Audit.

How is the next City Council & Mayor going to handle and create a policy for the Seperation of Duties remedy stated in the 2014 State Audit that the current Council & Mayor agreed to and was accepted by the State?

This is a big question for the next Council & Mayor! This type of oversight issues determines the credibility of the City as a whole!!!!!

372.13(6) of the State Code of Iowa (Minutes Publication)

6.  Within fifteen days following a regular or special meeting of
      the council, the clerk shall cause the minutes of the proceedings of
      the council, including the total expenditure from each city fund, to
      be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the city.  The
      publication shall include a list of all claims allowed and a summary

Reconciliation of Utility Billings, Collection and Delinquent Accounts in the (Internal Contol Deffiencies: Section D) of the 2014 State Audit for the City of Lorimor

(D) Reconciliation of Utility Billings, Collections and Delinquent Accounts – Utility billings, collections and delinquent accounts were not reconciled throughout the year. In addition, the City does not have a written policy pertaining to write-offs of delinquent utility accounts or in assessing late fees. Also, adjustments to accounts were not approved or supported. Pre-numbered receipts are not issued for all utility collections not accompanied by a prenumbered utility stub.

Election Day for the City of Lorimor

It is time to elect your City Council members!

There are nine people runing for the open vacancies!

So Get Out and Vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Event details
Tuesday, November 3, 2015 - 7:00am - 8:00pm
Lorimor Community Center

State of Iowa Code for Removing Public Officials

66.1A  REMOVAL BY COURT.          Any appointive or elective officer, except such as may be removed       only by impeachment, holding any public office in the state or in any       division or municipality thereof, may be removed from office by the       district court for any of the following reasons:          1.  For willful or habitual neglect or refusal to perform the       dut


         Passage of an ordinance, amendment, or resolution requires a
      majority vote of all of the members of the council, except when the
      mayor may vote to break a tie vote in a city with an even number of
      council members, as provided in section 372.4.  Passage of a motion

380.7 City Clerk (State Code of Iowa)

380.7  CITY CLERK.
         The city clerk shall:
         1.  Promptly record each measure.
         2.  Record a statement with the measure, where applicable,
      indicating whether the mayor signed, vetoed, or took no action on the
      measure, and whether the measure was repassed after the mayor's veto.

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