In which direction should this community go????

Move ahead and get bigger
100% (1 vote)
Stay the same and not increase the value of your property
0% (0 votes)
Just fade away and disappear for good (give up the City Charter and let the County worry about their tax base - no City taxes)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 1


Local Development

Any type of working community will succeed and grow. Usually the Churches in a community are the catilists for growth and bring the community groups together to develop. The churches, clubs, and organizations benefit the most when communities get bigger and stronger by  increasing their memberships. In this community, there isn't much involvment by any of these groups. It is sad, but this is just the way it is in small rural communities.

Getting volunteers in getting zoning going in Lorimor would be a good start. Marketing is not hard, but in this community it is  almost imposible. People in this community spend more time being devided than working together.