Website Authorization

All  Memberships to this website must be authorized and verified!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Unwanted memberships!

It is very interesting that so many unwanted guests to our website keep trying to register. I wish the people that realy should be members  would register for this site. The webmaster for this site has done a very good job and should be congratulated for the fine work he has done.

I take off around 50 to 100 membership request a day from a person that thinks they can get access. It is a computer program that is requesting membership. No one could ask for membership at this rate. The person that is doing this in the last three years has never repeated any name in this time frame. I will have to say they are persistant. If any valid person wants on this website let me know and I will ok your membership. Thanks for your time!