Public Notice, 3-12-1 Mowing of Properties

The residents of Lorimor are hereby notified:

Pursuant to section 3-12-1: MOWING OF PROPERTIES.

Any property within the City of Lorimor, Iowa, including residential, commercial, or industrial zoned districts; is required to be mowed any time the vegetation (grass and weeds) reaches a height of more than eight (8) inches. The property owner and occupant are also jointly and severally responsible for mowing the abutting space between the lot line and the curb line or edge of the traveled portion of the street right-of-way and one half of any alley abutting the property.

3-12-3 NOTICE. Notice shall be given by publication in The New Lorimorian each April. This publication shall serve as the only notice that will be given to the residents of the City.