Write in Randy Wacha for Mayor of Lorimor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am writing in Randy Wacha for Mayor of Lorimor. After talking to Randy a few days ago I have decided to write him in for Mayor of Lorimor. He is the only one in Lorimor that I feel can bring this community together. He has the experience to do the job that is needed. He works well with the residents of Lorimor. He needs your support to put him into office. With a mandetory State Audit do in the near future the City WILL need a strong Mayor that is willing to do his or her job and bring the City entity back where it should be. Working with the City Attourney, running the City Offices, and directing the City Workers shouldn't even be an issue.

Please Write In Randy Wacha for Mayor of Lorimor!!!!!!!!!!!!