Thanks to Karen & Kent Forbes for staying on the City Council and making it work!

I would like to give Karen and Kent Forbes credit for staying on the City Council during some very trying times. Karen was the only City Council person in the last election to accept the responsibility to train the new office personel and learn the software for doing the City business. She was under attack from day one. One of the new Council Members and the previous Mayor did everything they could to get Karen out of office. She stood her ground under a lot of pressure from her apponets in the last election. There were a lot of rumors that were spread by the people mentioned above that were not true. I should have known better than to listen to those people. I learned a long time ago in an industrial enviroment, that the people that usually called other people liers were the one that were not telling the truth. She stayed on the right track and never wavored.

Thanks Karen and Kent for your service!