Test document with image


Logged in as standard user.

Navigated to Community>Documents.

Entered text in Title block - "Test document with image".

Entered text in Tags block - "images" and clicked the green + button.

Clicked on the Browse button from the Add images block. 

  • Windows file browser openned up.
  • Browsed through local files on my computer and selected an image.
  • Clicked open in the file browse.
  • File browser closes and I'm returned to the website.

Local path to the image appears in the text box.

Click the upload button.  File starts uploading from my computer to the website.  Eventually a thumbnail image appears with additional form elements that can be filled in.

In the body section, typed text to ths point.

Clicked the insert button from the add images block.

Image shows up in the body section.

Saved document.