Karen Forbes is running for City Council

My name is Karen Forbes and I am running for City Council in the November 3rd election.

I am asking you to vote for me because I want to see Lorimor move forward and I want to be a part of seeing that the city functions within the law. As a council member I want to go back to working for the citizens as they are the tax payers for who the city exist.

In the past years this city has regressed. It is time to change the current council as it exist now.  It is time to bring back a since of community.  We need to move forward and make Lorimor a city to be proud to live in and for businesses to thrive.

Again, I ask for your vote to put me on the city council Tuesday, Novemeber 3rd.  It is time for us to move forward for the betterment of our Lorimor community.



Thanks for runing!!!!

I think you will do a good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!