Creating content

Once you have created a group,  a new block should be present on your group pages with entries like 'Create Blog entry',  'Create Poll', etc.  Clicking on any of these links will take you to a content creation form for the indicated content type.

Understanding Content Types in Drupal Commons


  • Almost everything happens inside a group of some kind
  • Groups may be actual groups that exist somewhere or simply a theme or topic
  • Registered members of the site can join groups and contribute content to that group
  • Groups allow content of the following kinds to be added within the group

Blog posts

  • Blogs are "web logs," that is: date-ordered journals
  • Blogs are used to record content that will quickly be out of date
  • Blog posts tend to be short, pithy, inspirational or explorative


  • Documents are used to store useful information, in an orderly manner
  • Documents easily incorporate attachments of the most common file-types
  • A collection of documents can provide a useful repository for a community-group


  • Discussions provide an interactive forum for online text-based discussions
  • Discussions facilitate a large number of people commenting freely on a given topic


  • Wikis allow a large number of contributors to interactively author and edit a single document (a 'wiki')
  • For example, each article on Wikipedia is a wiki
  • Wiki's are particularly useful when a group is trying to pioneer a new idea or to define a new concept


  • Polls provide a quick way of surveying opinions from site members or visitors
  • Poll authors can decide how long the survey is available
  • Voters see a percentage summary of how the vote is progressing


  • Events are date-organised content and appear on a group calendar
  • Events can be on a single day, or spread over a longer period